Tamashii Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinger

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Tamashii/Bandai is proud to introduce a new standard in robot figurine that is sure to open up a whole new world to collectors. In addition to affordability, this new line features a more compact size, separate weapon/ accessory sets and diorama creation with support mecha and secret bases all in development! These amazingly detailed figures are roughly six inches tall and employ die cast as well as ABS, POM, and PVC composite materials to realize the weight of Chogokin with the articulation technologies of the superlative Robot Spirits series.

Great Mazinger, is a manga comic book and anime television show created by the godfather of Japanese giant robot series - Go Nagai. Made as a direct continuation of the successful Mazinger Z series, it was aired on Japanese television in 1974. Great Mazinger essentially picks up where the previous Mazinger Z story leaves off and features a new, more powerful version of the super robot.  

This newly designed Chogokin features amazing detail and articulation for its size! Includes alternate hands, rocket punch simulation part and sword.  

* Made of ABS, POM and die cast

* Stands approx. 6 inches tall

* Fully articulated 

Pre orders ship May 2013.





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