Tamashii S.H. MonsterArts Burning Godzilla

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Tamashii’s new S.H. MonsterArts line is a new standard in monster figures, representing the state of the art of Bandai's creativity and technology. Designed to showcase both classic and modern Kaiju; these ultimate Toho collectables are sculpted by the world class Yuji Sakai and will utilize the latest materials, engineering and superior articulation. Some releases will contain die-cast and all will be collector-centric with amazing accessories and packaging.  

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah is a 1995 Japanese science fiction kaiju film produced by Toho. The 22nd installment in the Godzilla film series, the film followed Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla and was the final film in this second series. The movie received publicity around the world for Toho's announcement that they would kill Godzilla. Toho ended the series to make way for the American Godzilla film that was ultimately produced in 1998.

This fantastic new kaiju collectable figure from Tamashii is amazingly detailed and articulated for its size. It stands approximately six inches tall, features twenty nine points of articulation and includes a set of Maser tanks. Comes packaged in a handsome window box.

* Sculpted by Yuji Sakai

* Stands approx. 6 inches tall

* Made of PVC/POM and die-cast

* 29 points of articulation

* Includes Maser tank accessories 

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