Touma x Phalanx Power Mazinger-Z Dark Version

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Japanese toy designer, Touma, well-known for many of his popular toy designs, including the Knuckle Bear, has teamed up with Phalanx to create this stellar, art vinyl rendition of everyone’s favorite robot-Mazinger Z!

The design of Power Mazinger-Z maintains both the essence of Phalanx’s Mr. Power figure as well as the essential elements of Mazinger-Z. Touma also adds in his popular style elements, such as monstrous teeth, a beastly smile and his signature fire pattern.


This “dark” version features a special, red, black and purple color scheme and will be limited to 100 pieces-only available in the U.S.


* Made of high quality vinyl


* Stands approx. 8” tall


* Limited edition


* Packaged in collectors window box

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