Andrew Bell O-No Sushi Red Edition

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Andrew Bell is a British-born American artist and founder of Dead Zebra Inc. He specializes in creating collectible designer toys. Bell also works in a variety of other mediums from illustrations and paintings to sculptures. Much of his work is brought together by a sense of humor that often belies a more serious and somber message. His company and toys have been featured in publications such as the New York Times. In addition to his extensive toy and art catalog, he has also published three books of drawings.

Based on the popular "Never Look Back" print, O-No Food Company brings this delicious fellow to... life?

As featured on Kayne West’s blog, NotCot and countless other places! 

* Made of high quality vinyl

* Figure has articulated arms and legs

* Includes two swappable sets of eyes, a piece of sushi and a bowl of tentacles accessory

* Take-out tray packaging includes usable sticker tray liner

* Stands approximately 3 ¼" tall

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