Revoltech Sci-Fi 016 Alien Warrior

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Revoltech is an action figure line from the Japanese company Kaiyodo that utilizes the unique "Revolver Joint" articulation system. This gives the figures a wide range of motion and stability, allowing for many dynamic and varied poses.  

The subject matter for the Revoltech line can be broadly split into four categories—Real Robots, Super Robots, Human Characters and Creatures. With amazing quality, detail and styling this is one of the hottest figure lines ever created! Revoltech has over 50 models, with more being released almost every month.  

A sequel to the 1979 film Alien, Aliens is set fifty-seven years after the first film and is regarded by many film critics as a benchmark for the action and science fiction genres. In Aliens, Weaver's character Ellen Ripley returns to the planet LV-426 where she first encountered the hostile Alien. This time she is accompanied by a unit of Colonial Marines.

This Revoltech Alien Warrior is amazingly detailed for its size and comes with equally spectacular accessories. Includes highly detailed display stand with name plate, extra hands and an Alien egg. 

* Sculpted by Tamotsu Takashi

* Stands approx. 6 inches tall 

* Number of movable parts: 18 

* Number of joints: 17

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