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Assembleborg is a new ultra-articulated action figure line from Kaiyodo-the creators of the original Revoltech series. What sets these fantastic designs apart from competitors is the unprecedented flexibility and durability. Using the clever "Revolver Joint" allows almost limitless combinations and long lasting posability. Combine parts from different figures and sets to create your own wild toys! These classic collectables are designed by noted toy/character artists: Yasuhiro Naito, Yutaka Minowa and Noriyuki Jinguji. Stunning, almost surreal characters executed with precision engineering make these the figures to collect!


* Stands approx. 5 to 6 inches tall

* Features fully interchangeable parts

* Comes with weapons, hands and accessories

* Made of POM, PVC and ABS

* Packaged in window box with instructions 




munkeewoo - 2011-10-29 22:29

Very cool figure, i've had mine for some time now...i was surprised to see they've made new characters,since i've only seen three until now...but back to Baron.This figure is nothing short of impressive when it comes to articulation. The range of postures are immense since its on Revoltech joints...i choose Baron out of the three back then because he had,in my opinion the best head sculpt,resembling one of a medieval knight and plus,he had a cool title,"weapon's specialist"..Oh yeah and he's the one with a HUGE GUN!!(this is coming from a guy that loves swords) he also have a nice color scheme to the picture above he looks like a clear grey color but depending on the angle and the light position he can be purple and even have hints of yellow.. he isn't a anime character(not that i know of at least) but out of my few revoltech anime figures, he's the one i pick up to play with the if u like something extremely posable and if u like mix and matching "lego style" i strongly recommend this figure

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